One of the most exciting things about moving into my own apartment is that a lot of the restrictions of renting no longer apply. It’s quite possible that I could get a pet – a little dog perhaps – to mess up my floors and slobber on the couch. I considered it, however I’m not sure I can take on the responsibility of taking the pup for a walk each day, particularly when there aren’t any off-the-leash parks nearby and some days my very objective is to avoid leaving my apartment.

Don’t get too sad for me, however, because I’ve found a perfect substitute, and one that wont’t mess up my floors. In fact, just the opposite! I am the now proud parent of a baby robot vacuum player. Introducing to the world: J. Edgar Roomba!

Me and my baby Roomba

When he first got home he mostly hid under my shelves and under my bed, but eventually started to explore his surroundings. Before long he was doing laps up and down the hallway banging into the skirting board at every opportunity. About 90 minutes later he coughed up a furball and went to bed. It was quite the productive first day.

It’s fair to say there were a few teething problems. I hadn’t Roomba-readied my apartment, so anything on the ground posed a danger to the Roomba, or more accurately in reverse. A stack of new picture frames from IKEA learning up against a wall came down in a crash as the Roomba slammed into them. Thankfully none of them broke. Less lucky was the large ceramic wrap-around pipe cover for my bathroom basin. I had removed it to get access to the pipes and placed it on the bathroom floor. The Roomba hit it and it toppled and smashed on the tiles. The cheeky bugger then just stayed there and circled around in its own mess. Toddlers, eh?

J. Edgar Roomba after smashing my bathroom basin pipe cover

Certain incidents aside, he’s doing a great job. This particular Australian model can’t be scheduled (otherwise it’s the same as the American model), so I have to manually start it. That’s not so bad, because I usually have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get itself trapped somehow (which occasionally happens). It does have the programmable interface, but that’s pretty advanced. I don’t need a HAL-style situation here. And although he won’t touch my thick rug (carpet would probably be fine), he climbs the lip up to my bathroom quite easily.

They grow up so fast. He’s currently whipping around and butting into all of my furniture with such confidence, collecting dust from places my vacuum would never venture (ie. everywhere). Now I just need one that will dust on top of things, clean my bathroom, maybe do a little cooking and every now and then tell me a story.

J. Edgar Roomba coming to steal your dust bunnies