I had the chance to use a more sophisticated shipping setup for the latest round of Broadway Pins, and I needed a way to easily export my orders from WooCommerce into Stamps.com. I didn’t really want to sync them up through the store integrations – that seemed like overkill – but I just wanted to be able to export a CSV of the latest orders in the format Stamps.com accepts.

I whipped up a plugin called WooCommerce Stamps.com CSV Order Export which does exactly that. You can grab a zip of it from github.

It’s simple to use. Go into your orders list, click the checkbox for the orders you wish to export, select “Export to Stamps.com” from the Bulk Actions dropdown and click Apply. You’ll download a CSV.

Exporting a CSV of orders from WooCommerce for Stamps.com

Log in to your Stamps.com account, go to the Orders tab and click on the Import button, the first of the buttons at the top right of the list (shown here in blue).

Importing a CSV of orders from WooCommerce into Stamps.com

It’s worth noting that because the plugin uses your store order numbers, orders won’t be imported twice into Stamps.com.